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New Line COSMO Skin Solution MD -2013

The brand focuses his attention to the anti-aging products, destinatii not only to more mature skin but also to those who think to prevent the signs of aging by acting in advance and using specific treatments to protect their skin from external agents.

This new line was born from the desire for innovation and a desire for continuous improvement, characteristics of researchers and collaborators of the laboratory in which the team works COSMO Skin Solutions.
"We were able to build the new 2013 line with the latest news in the world of active ingredients.
The results of ongoing research that took place in these years of constant effort, have enabled us to improve and refine treatments, creating different products suitable for most skin types. "
Cosmo Skin Solutions products are formulated with high concentrations of active pure form, to optimize the absorption through the skin and to prevent or correct the signs of aging to which the skin is subjected.
The results
A more youthful appearance, using the COSMO treatments Skin Solutions, is possible thanks to the value and quality of cosmoceutica.
The active ingredients, and the scientific concepts upon which the choice of the latter, intensify the effects of improving the epidermis giving the face a radiant appearance and leave your skin soft and smooth.
Between treatments in the line 2013 there is a choice for every need and dedicated to achieve different cosmetic goals:
• Prophylaxis for the maintenance of the functions of the skin
• Regeneration of the upper layers of the skin
• Activation durable skin functions
• Aging skin contours
• Reduction of abnormal pigmentation
• Normalization of impure skin
• Revitalization of sensitive skin
• Relief for irritated skin
• Effect of anti-aging
The goals of treatment include notably the maintenance and care of the beauty of the skin, so prevent or correct the visible signs of skin aging, but also regenerate, rejuvenate, brighten and firm up.
Laboratory studies have demonstrated the efficacy of the products COSMO Skin Solutions that lead to a highly restorative effect, the increase in cell viability and the natural process of parts as well as an improvement in the firmness and luminosity of the skin.
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